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TAoL Road.png
A Road from The Adventure of Link
Use(s) Avoiding monsters

Roads appear in their rudimentary forms throughout The Legend of Zelda series. They connect the various towns and other important locations in the world.


The Adventure of Link

In The Adventure of Link, Roads one of the major types of landscape.[1] They act as safe-havens for Link when crossing the expanse of Hyrule Field. Enemy silhouettes can attack Link in the overworld, but if they engage Link while he is on a Road, upon entering the fight screen nothing but Link and the Road will be present.[2] However, if Link engages a Fairy (which is purely beneficial) in the same way, it will be present when Link enters the fight screen.

Notable Roads


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  2. "Road: This is a safe area. Even if you encounter an enemy here, it will not lead to battle." (The Adventure of Link (3DS Virtual Console) manual, pg. 10)