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River Source Pond

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River Source Pond
Zelda at the River Source Pond
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The River Source Pond is a location in the Plain of Andor in Zelda's Adventure. It is the source of the river that flows through the northern plain.

Features and Overview

The River Source Pond is located in the northwest of the Plain of Andor. It is the source of the river that flows between the wasteland plain and the Forest of Findo to the north. The river can only be crossed with the Red Boots from the Shrine of Earth. The area contains a medium-sized pond with a large stone head in the likeness of Ganon, from where the water flows. The hollow eyes of the stone head constantly bleed blood.

Zelda can visit the pond to fill the Empty Bottle with water that Glebb gives to her. Filling it turns the bottle into a Water Bottle, which can then be given back to Glebb to receive the Vial of Winds.