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Rima is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Rima is an elderly Gerudo who can be found in Gerudo Town. Rima is always sitting under a tarp across from The Noble Canteen. Rima was the captain of the guard of Gerudo Town before she retired and was replaced with Buliara.[2][3][4] If Link speaks to Rima, she comments that she feels like she has met Link before even though she has no Hylian acquaintances and has never left Gerudo Town before.[5][6] Rima expresses disappointment that she cannot relax after retiring.[4][3] Link asks what happened and Rima explains that a gang of thieves recently stole Riju's Thunder Helm from the Gerudo Town palace.[7] She feels that it is especially unfortunate that the stolen object was a valued heirloom.[8] Rima says that if she was still in charge, she would strictly discipline the guards.[9][10][11] Rima is upset that the guards did not prevent the theft of the Thunder Helm and believes this never would have happened when she was captain of the guard.[12][2] She also says that Buliara should have been on the front lines of another recent incident.[13] Link again asks what happened and Rima explains that Riju's Sand Seal, Patricia, got scared by a monster and pulled Riju toward the Divine Beast Vah Naboris.[14][15] Rima says that although Naboris strikes anyone who approaches with lightning,[16] Riju managed to escape, prompting Buliara to stay at Riju's side at all times.[17] If Link speaks to Rima during the night, she will sit up and complain about the noisy young ones at The Noble Canteen.[18] Rima wishes she could fix their attitudes.[19]


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