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Remote Bomb (Rune)

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Remote Bomb
BotW Remote Bomb Rune Icon.pngBotW Remote Bomb Cube Rune Icon.png
Remote Bomb Rune symbols
Location(s) Ja Baij Shrine

Remote Bomb is a Rune ability in Breath of the Wild. The Rune creates a remote-controlled Bomb that can be detonated at the press of a remote trigger.

Location and Uses

The Remote Bomb Rune is obtained in the Ja Baij Shrine at the Great Plateau. The Rune allows Link to create spherical or cube-shaped Bombs that are detonated at the press of the L-button. Remote Bombs can also be detonated by shooting a projectile at them such as an Arrow; likewise, enemies can also detonate them by shooting at them as well. After detonating a Remote Bomb, a timer gauge will appear which must reach full before Link can use another Remote Bomb. As the Remote Bombs are created by the Sheikah Slate, Link is no longer required to carry a reserve of ammunition in order to use the Rune.

Like Bombs in other games, the Remote Bomb Rune can be used to damage enemies and blast away certain obstacles, such as cracked rocks. The spherical Remote Bomb is able to roll down slopes, and can also be moved by other forces, such as a gust of wind. The cube-shaped Remote Bombs stay in place. Both the spherical and cube-shaped Remote Bombs can be used independently; Link can place both at once without needing to detonate the other.

Link can drop Remote Bombs below him while he is Paragliding. Remote Bombs of either type will float if placed in water. Enemies can also kick or pick up and throw the Remote Bombs that Link places.

Remote Bombs normally do 12 damage with a six second cool down. After being upgraded they do 24 damage with a three second cool down. Blast radius does not change upon upgrading.