Reekfish Scent

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Reekfish Scent
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Locating Reekfish

The Reekfish Scent is an object in Twilight Princess.[1]

Location and Uses

The Reekfish Scent is the fourth Scent learned by Wolf Link and it replaces the Poe Scent. The Reekfish Scent is learned in Zora's Domain near the Mother-and-Child Rocks. The Reekfish Scent is colored red, and it is picked up from a live Reekfish after Fishing for one. The scent is used to track down the Reekfish that Yeto took to make a Soup for his sick wife, Yeta, and also used to correctly navigate the Snowpeak base without getting lost in the blizzard. Yeto can take a more direct route than Wolf Link is capable of following, so Wolf Link will need to find the trail again after a few detours. Wolf Link can finally catch up with Yeto at the beginning of the Snowboard Race at Snowpeak Top.


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