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Red Mail

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Red Mail
Tunic Red LttP.gif
Red Mail artwork from A Link to the Past
Other media
Use(s) Reduces damage by one-fourth
Comparable Item(s) Green Clothes
Red Ring
Blue Mail

The Red Mail,[1] also known as the Red Clothes,[citation needed] are a recurring type of clothes in The Legend of Zelda series. When equipped, it reduces the damage received from enemies by 25% over the Green Clothes, and 50% over the Blue Mail.[2][3]


A Link to the Past

RedMail Sprite.png

The Red Mail is the third and best armor Link can wear in A Link to the Past. It is found in Ganon's Tower in Dark World. When this tunic is worn, it reduces damage taken by 1/2 over the Blue Mail, making the final battles a bit easier. Additionally, it turns Link's hat to a light shade of purple.

A Link Between Worlds

The sprite for the Red Mail from A Link Between Worlds

The Red Mail in A Link Between Worlds is found in a Big Chest on the fourth floor of Lorule Castle, which can be reached by extinguishing the torches in the area. When worn, the Red Mail will reduce the damage done to Link by half of the Blue Mails defence.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 赤い服 (ALBW)
French-speaking countries French Tunique rouge (ALBW) Red tunic
Federal Republic of Germany German Rotes Gewand (ALBW) Red robe
Italian Republic Italian Corazza Rossa (ALttP&FS)
Tunica rossa (ALBW)
Red Cuirass
Red tunic
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Ropas rojas (ALBW) Red clothes
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Sayo rojo (ALBW) Red smock


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