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Red Darknut Arrow

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Red Darknut Arrow
Red Darknut Arrow.png
The Red Darknut Arrow as seen in the book
Other media
Contains powerful magic[1]

The Red Darknut Arrow is an item featured in the book The Shadow Prince. Link can obtain it if Charles decides to fight the Darknut that ambushes them in the woods using the axe. Once Charles and Princess Zelda defeat the Darknut, Link will grab the arrow from the sheaf of the enemy, saying that Darknut arrows are often magic.[2]

Later on in the book, when Link is at the indoor archery match, he will have a choice of picking between using the Red Darknut Arrow, Impa's Green Arrow, or his usual Blue Arrow. If the young hero chooses the Darknut Arrow, he will start having doubts about the arrow's magic, only hoping that it will serve him well and help him win the match.[3] However, as soon as Link fires away the arrow, it will emit red smoke and curve toward the ceiling, promptly following after the young hero. Although Link succesfully evades it the first time, he accidentally trips and falls over just before the Red Darknut Arrow pierces him and kills him.[4]

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