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Red Clothes

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Red Clothes
Redtunic LA.gif
Red Clothes artwork from Link's Awakening DX
Use(s) Doubles attack damage
Comparable Item(s) Piece of Power

The Red Clothes are a type of clothing Link can wear in Link's Awakening DX.[1]


Red Clothes.png The red clothes double the damage of Link's sword attacks and sends enemies flying when he hits them, acting like a Piece of Power, except that his walking speed remains the same.[1] This effect is permanent as long as the tunic is worn. They are accessible only after completing the special Color Dungeon hidden in the graveyard, where the Fairy Queen will allow Link to choose between the Blue or Red Clothes. Once he selects one of the special tunics, he can switch to the other by speaking to the Fairy Queen again. However, he can never regain the original green clothing.

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