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Red Bokoblin

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Red Bokoblin
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Main appearance(s)
Other appearance(s)

Red Bokoblins are recurring Enemies in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][name reference needed]


Skyward Sword

Fi's Comment

A report, master.

Target lock: Red Bokoblin

These monsters have plagued the land since ancient times. They each play different roles, and their weaponry varies. They prefer to act in groups.

None of them are intelligent by any definition of the word. Curiously, they seem to have a mysterious obsession with fashionable undergarments.

Fi's Comment

A report, master.

Target lock: Red Bokoblin (Archer)

These are Red Bokoblins that carry bows capable of knocking down distant targets.

Though not obvious from their outward appearance, their aim is quite deadly.

Fi's Comment

A report, master.

Target lock: Red Bokoblin (Leader)

As a symbol of its leadership, this creature wraps a cloth around its head. This visually communicates that it is more dominant than other Bokoblins.

It can call its underlings to arms using its horn.

Other Appearances

Cadence of Hyrule

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