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Ramella is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Ramella is a Gerudo who came to the Eldin region in search of precious Jewels.[2] She can be found wandering around Goron City during the day. She tells Link that he can buy Fireproof Elixirs from Offrak in the City,[3] which she herself uses to continue her work.[4] At night, she can be found asleep in the Rollin' Inn, dreaming of Jewels.[5]

After Link has freed the Divine Beast Vah Rudania from Calamity Ganon's influence, Ramella will announce that since Death Mountain's eruptions have now ended, she has begun restocking on Jewels.[6] She asks Link if he could bring her ten pieces of Amber, which she will buy at a higher price than at stores, initiating the Side Quest "The Jewel Trade".[7] Ramella will offer to pay 500 Rupees for all ten Amber, 200 more compared to stores.[8]

After Link has sold her the Amber, Ramella will then offer to buy more Jewels from Link at a higher price. She will ask for ten pieces of a randomly chosen Jewel each time.[9]


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