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Ralph from Oracle of Ages
Guardian of Nayru
Race Human
Gender Male[1]
Other Media Oracle of Ages manga
Era Era of Light and Dark
Family Queen Ambi (ancestor)[2]
Theme Music

Ralph is Nayru's childhood friend and loyal guardian in Oracle of Ages.[3] Although he is stubborn and hotheaded, rarely pondering the consequences of his own actions, he is a noble character deep down. Due to his protective nature defensive attitude towards Nayru, Ralph expresses a certain resentment towards Link, treating him with a certain amount of rivalry throughout the course of the game as he attempts to rescue Nayru before Link.[4] As Link defeats Veran and saves Nayru from Queen Ambi, the young hero gains Ralph's respect.[5]


Ralph Sprite.png

Ralph is first seen standing next to Nayru when Link first arrives to Labrynna. He confidently informs Link that he will not be needed to help protect Nayru,[6] only seconds before Veran possesses her. Standing up to Veran, Ralph threatens to cut her in half if she does not release Nayru,[7] but is forced to stand down, as Veran points out that if he attacks, Nayru will die.[8] Making her getaway to the past, Ralph is quick to pursue her through the still-open Time Portal.[9]

Despite his noble ambition, Ralph is ultimately of little help, as he simply runs around in the past hoping to encounter Veran. He does, however, point out a few important facts to Link as the young hero quests for the Essences of Time.[10][11][12][13]

After Link completes the Mermaid's Cave, Queen Ambi leaves her palace, giving Link the ideal opportunity to rescue Nayru from Veran's clutches.[14] Upon his arrival to the palace, Link runs into Ralph, who also heard that the palace guard was let down.[15] Ralph rushes ahead to find Nayru, but not before informing Link of a hidden entrance to the palace interior within the palace garden.[16] Ralph reappears after Link saves Nayru from Veran, who then possesses Queen Ambi. Saving both Link and Ralph, Nayru returns them to the present.

After Nayru's safe return, Ralph apologizes to Link for his behavior.[17] He decides to return to the past, vowing to defeat Veran.[18] Ralph is determined to kill Queen Ambi to save Labrynna and Nayru, even after it is discovered that the queen is Ralph's ancestor.[19] Ralph does not understand that he will fail for sure, because the fact that he was born means that his ancestor Ambi was not killed in the first place.[20][21] As expected, when he comes face-to-face with the Sorceress of Shadows at the Black Tower, he is easily thwarted by Veran's power.

Ralph survives (thanks to Veran's "kindness"), but Veran mocks both Link and Ralph, saying that by killing the queen, Ralph in turn will vanish,[22] although the existence of Ralph proves that the queen will not be harmed. During the ensuing battle, Link frees Ambi from Veran's control and then defeats the sorceress. Believing that the danger is over, everybody attempts to exit the tower. However, Veran is not finished. Link, separated from Nayru and Ralph, faces off against Veran for the last time. After defeating Veran for good, Link meets with Nayru and Ralph, accompanied by Queen Ambi and her soldiers. Ralph is amazed by Link's performance,[23] and from then on treats the young hero with the utmost respect.[5]

As the adventure ends, Ralph vows to train harder to be able to protect Nayru on his own.[24] He is last seen training with Link, trying unsuccessfully to master the Spin Attack, turning it into an uncontrollable version with greater range. Despite the greater range of damage, the attack makes Ralph too dizzy to do anything except collapse after he uses it.

Other Appearances

Oracle of Ages Manga

Ralph has changed some in his manga appearance. He is used for greater comic relief than in the game, and is also much stronger, accompanying Link throughout the majority of his journey. Unlike in the games, Ralph is, at one point, possessed by Veran.

Ralph makes his first appearance after Veran possess Nayru and travels to the past. When he learns of Nayru's fate, he falls into an emotional rage, blaming Link for the event and accusing him of trying to harm Nayru.[25] Although, when Impa wakes from unconsciousness, she explains what happened to Ralph. He then exclaims that he's going to save Nayru, and attempts to take the Harp of Ages from Link, resulting in the two fighting over it.[26] Ralph accidentally strums the harp and Link goes back in time, leaving a furious Ralph behind.

Ralph isn't seen again until chapter six. Once the Harp of Ages has been passed down through time into the present because of Link dropping it during his capture, Ralph seizes it from a Tokay's shop and heads to Labrynna's past. When he arrives, he falls on top of Link, who is currently battling a Nayru possessed by Veran. Ralph is at first excited to see his childhood friend, until Link explains that she's still being controlled by Veran. He begins to form a plan to defeat Veran, but because the Harp of Ages is again accidentally strummed, the two are teleported onto an island.

Link questions Ralph about any weak spots Nayru may have, but he replies that his flawless friend has none.[27] He then becomes angry at Link once more, this time for teleporting them to a deserted island.[28] Eventually, Ralph and Link are caught in a storm, whereas Link learns of Ralph's nobility from his inability to row the raft.[29] [30] The duo see a ship in the distance, and call for help. Both are welcomed on board, only to discover, to their horror, that they're on a ghost ship, which has been lost in the storm for centuries. Link asks the ship's captain about Veran, and learns he may know of her weak spots. Although, he will only reveal the information if Link and Ralph answer his questions. After examining Link's sword, the pirate spots the Harp of Ages, and commands Ralph to play it for him. To their surprise, the harp doesn't transport them anywhere. Ralph then begins to play with remarkable skill, causing Link to compliment him.[31] Ralph answers that it's because of his refined skill,[32] although it is unknown whether Ralph can truly play, or if the Harp of Ages was using its power. Ralph and Link then try to leave, but are blocked by the pirates. Link explains that they can fix everything for the crew and the captain's long lost lover if they can leave. Moved by the boy's offer, the captain gives them a boat, and reveals Veran's weakness. Ralph voices his concern if the pirates will ever be freed from the storm, but Link assures him that they'll always keep trying.

The boys arrive back in Labrynna, and meet up with Sir Raven. As the three head back to the village, Veran, who was spying on Raven, quickly possesses Ralph. The others are unaware of the strange change in Ralph's personality. Roperi is the only one who notices something wrong with Ralph,[33] but Link brushes her comment off with a laugh.[34] Through Ralph, Veran learns that Raven is Link's ancestor, and that he has Mystery Seeds, her fatal weakness. During the night, she uses Ralph to burn the seeds. Just as Link awakens, she leaves Ralph's body, allowing him to explain what happened.[35] Veran leads troops to the hidden village, destroying the homesteads and wounding and capturing Raven. Link, determined to save his ancestor and defeat Veran once and for all, is stopped by Ralph, who claims they'll do it together, and that he'll save Nayru.

Just as Sir Raven is about to be executed, Ralph and Link arrive, saving the knight's life. When Link stops a possessed Nayru from spearing Raven, Ralph notices his ancestor, Queen Ambi. The two tell Ambi that the pirate captain still loves her, causing the queen to cry, remarking that her order to build the tower was so that the pirate may see it, and remember her. She then cancels work on the tower. Enraged, Veran releases Nayru and possesses Ambi instead, shouting for the guards to seize Ralph, Link, and the others.

Nayru awakens just in time to teleport the group back to present day Labrynna. Ralph, overcome with joy at seeing his friend, bursts into tears and hugs her. Nayru laughs at her guardian's action, affectionately calling him a "softy".[36] Nayru explains they can find more mystery seeds if they return to the past, so they head back. When the group finds Roperi and the other villagers, Nayru reveals that Roperi's plant is a mystery seed sprout. Although, it will take time for the plant to grow, despite Nayru's power over time, so Ralph heads alone to Queen Ambi, set on destroying Veran, even if it means killing his ancestor. Alarmed, Nayru explains that if Ralph kills Ambi, it'll be his end as well.[37]

Ralph confronts a possessed Ambi inside the dark tower, and pulls out a rapier from beneath his cloak. Veran mocks Ralph for his bravery, knowing his connection to Ambi, daring him to kill her.[38][39] Ralph readies himself to end Ambi, but she flees, calling for the tower's construction to quicken. Meanwhile, Roperi's plant finally sprouts a mystery seed, so Link and Raven race to the tower.

Ralph again corners Ambi and prepares to kill her for Nayru's sake, despite the death to his family that will follow.[40] Just before Ralph's blade pierces Ambi, Link shoots the mystery seed at her. Veran is forced out of Ambi. At first Ralph is mad at Link for saving the day once again, but his anger melts away as Link playfully teases him. Veran reverts to her true form, and attacks the trio. Raven and Link together slay her, yet they're too late. Veran sends a final lamentation of sorrow to Twinrova, lighting the Flame of Sorrow. After the Twinrova sacrifice themselves to Ganon, he is resurrected. As Ganon smashes the tower, Link, Ralph, and Raven fall, although the Triforce saves them. The three, along with Queen Ambi's army, attack Ganon, eventually defeating the beast. Queen Ambi thanks Sir Raven, Link, and Ralph for their services, but can't believe how rude her descendant Ralph is after his comment towards her.[41][42] Nayru, Ralph, and Link finally return to their own time.

Ralph is last seen with Nayru, Impa, and Princess Zelda at Hyrule Castle having a meal. Zelda compliments him and Nayru on their success,[43] but Nayru states that Link was the true hero,[44] although Ralph says he himself is smarter,[45] causing Impa to laugh.


  • Ralph's hair is black in-game, whereas it is red in official art.
  • Ralph has a sprite similar to Richard in Link's Awakening.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name
Japan Japanese ラルフ (Rarufu)
French Republic FrenchEU Ralph
Federal Republic of Germany German Ralph
Italian Republic Italian Ralph
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Ralph



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