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Racing Bros

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Racing Bro
ALBW Younger Racing Bro Model.png ALBW Older Racing Bro Model.png
The younger and older brothers
Main appearance(s)
Each other

The Racing Bros are a pair of characters in A Link Between Worlds.


The Racing Bros run the Hyrule Hotfoot, a racing minigame in Hyrule. The younger brother is found near the House of Gales, next to the Fairy Fountain, and acts as the start of the race. By paying 20 Rupees,[1] the older brother appears as the end goal north of Rosso's house.[2] If Link talks to the older brother again after completing the race, he will ask the hero if he would like to be brought back to his younger brother.[3] Accepting will transport Link back to the starting point.


  1. "The entry fee is 20 Rupees. If you make it to the finish, you'll get an excellent prize." — Racing Bro (A Link Between Worlds)
  2. "The finish is behind the miner's place. I'll mark it on your map with a flag. My brother is standing at the finish, so talk to him when you get there." — Racing Bro (A Link Between Worlds)
  3. "Check in with my little brother at the starting point. What, unless it's too much trouble to hightail it all the way back there?" — Racing Bro (A Link Between Worlds)