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Race (Mini-game)

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Location(s)Kakariko Village
Village of the Blue Maiden
Game(s)A Link to the Past
Four Swords Adventures
Main PrizePiece of HeartTriforce piece.png
Pegasus BootsTriforce piece.png

The Race is a mini-game that can be played in A Link to the Past and Four Swords Adventures.

Location and Rules

In A Link to the Past, the race is held in the south part of Kakariko Village in a yard next to the Quarreling Brothers' house. Link must bomb the left wall of the house and walk outside to access the game. A woman says he will get a reward if he goes to the end of the track in 15 seconds or less.[1] Doing so, Link earns a Piece of Heart.[2] If he plays again, the man at the end of the maze tells him he has no more rewards to give.[3]

In Four Swords Adventures, the race is held by two children in the Village of the Blue Maiden, in the Dark World. The four Links have 20 seconds to reach a goal in order to obtain the Pegasus Boots. With bombs, the Links can reach the end in less than 3 seconds.


  • In A Link to the Past, the Sign in the yard will tell Link that if he has enough time to read it, he should go straight to the goal.[4]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish 15-Seconds Game


  1. "If you can reach the goal within 15 seconds, we will give you something good. Ready, Set... ...Go!" — Woman (A Link to the Past)
  2. "This try your time was XX minutes XX seconds. You qualified! Congratulations! I present you with a piece of heart!" — Man (A Link to the Past)
  3. "I don't have anything more to give you. I'm sorry!" — Man (A Link to the Past)
  4. "If you have enough time to read this sign, you should go to the goal immediately!" — Sign (A Link to the Past)