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Rabbit Beam

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Rabbit Beam
Habitat(s)Skull Woods
Thieves' Town
Ice Palace
Misery Mire
Turtle Rock
Effective Weapon(s)Bombos, Ether, Quake, Magic Powder

Rabbit Beams are enemies in A Link to the Past.[name reference missing] They appear commonly in later Dark World dungeons.


Rabbit Beams will wait in place, often hidden under objects or walkways until they detect Link, upon which they will fly straight at him. If they hit something else before reaching him, they will vanish, but if they hit Link they will disable the effects of his Moon Pearl and turn him into Bunny Link. Unable to fight, Link will be helpless for a short period of time until the curse wears off, or until he is hit by an enemy attack. Rabbit Beams will commonly appear alongside other enemies so as to leave Link vulnerable to immediate attack.


  • Despite seemingly being invincible, Rabbit Beams can be destroyed like any normal enemy by any of the three Magic Medallions.
  • Rabbit Beams have a effect similar to Bubbles in that they temporarily curse Link to a state where he cannot use his sword. Like the Bubbles of A Link to the Past, they can be defeated and turned into a Fairy with a sprinkle of Magic Powder. They also look a lot like a Bubble made of stars.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese うさぎビーム (Usagi Bīmu) Rabbit Beam
Federal Republic of Germany German Hasenstrahl

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