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Quince is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Quince is a hunter, who can be found with Satty at the Wetland Stable. He can be found staring at the eastern clouds,[2] telling Link the clouds sour his mood.[3]

If Link asks Quince about Satty, he will tell Link the story of himself and Satty, after asking him if he wants to hear it.[4] He will than proceed to tell him his story about finding the Lord of the Mountain when he went hunting, meeting Satty along the way.[5] Afterwards, he will inform link of the location of Satori Mountain, the place he had the encounter.[6] He will also propose that link find the Lord of the Mountain.[7]


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  • If Link rides the Lord of the Mountain to Quince, he will not acknowledge the steed, despite him having an experience with it.


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