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Quick Switch is an option in Breath of the Wild.


By pressing the keys on the D-Pad, a small inventory showing all of Link's weapons and runes will appear. Tilting the R stick will navigate through the Quick Switch inventory.

Selecting "Remove" drops the weapon Link has equipped.

Pressing different keys on the D-Pad will show you different Quick Switch inventories of Link's weapons. Pressing right on the D-Pad shows Swords. If Link has equipped a bow (or the player holds the ZR button when not armed with a bow) the Bow inventory shows instead. Pressing left shows the Shields. If Link has a bow equipped (or the player holds ZR) the Arrows show instead.

To Quick Switch Runes, press up on the D-Pad.

Pressing down does not open another Quick Switch inventory, instead, Link whistles.


Quick Switch is useful in making equipping weapons and runes faster.