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Quadruplet Family

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Quadruplet Family
LADX Papahl Sprite.pngLADX Quadruplets' Mother Sprite.pngLADX Quadruplet Sprite.pngLADX Quadruplet Sprite.pngLADX Quadruplet Sprite.pngLADX Quadruplet Sprite.png
right to left: Papahl, Mamasha with their baby, and the Quadruplets
EraEra of Light and Dark
Location(s)Mabe Village
Unnamed baby

The Quadruplet Family is a family in Link's Awakening.[1]


Main articles: Papahl, Mamasha and Quadruplets

The Family lives in the Quadruplet's House located in Mabe Village. It consists of Papahl, Mamasha, their baby, and their Quadruplets.

Papahl and Mamasha play an important role in the Trading Quest,[2] while the four boys often give valuable information to Link.[3][4][5] Papahl's wife tells Link that her baby wants a Yoshi Doll.[6] She gives Link a Ribbon in exchange for the one he won in the Trendy Game Shop.[7][8]



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