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Purple Lynel

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Purple Lynel
CoH Purple Lynel Sprite.png
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Purple Lynels are Minibosses in Cadence of Hyrule.[1]


Purple Lynels are a stronger, blue-and-purple-colored variety of Lynel, possessing more health and attack power than their weaker counterparts. However, they still have the same attack pattern as they move to the beat of the music on every second beat, always crouching before hopping onto an adjacent tile, and drawing their bow when Cadence, Link, Yves, or Zelda walk within their line of sight. Once their bows are drawn, they will fire Arrows on the following beat, dealing damage to any heroes or enemies that may be in the way. Afterwards, they will reposition themselves until they are able to take aim again. These Arrows can pass through Torches and catch fire.

They can be found in caves, dungeons, outside the entrance of the Lost Swamp, and within the Grassland and Forest biomes across Kingdom of Hyrule.

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  1. "Defeated By: Purple Lynel" — Game Over (Cadence of Hyrule)