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BotW Purah Model.png
Race Sheikah
Gender Female
Family Impa (younger sister)[2]
Paya (great niece)
Voice Actor(s) Kate Higgins (English)

Purah is a character in Breath of the Wild.[3]


Purah is the director of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, where she works with her assistant Symin. Her research and experimentation with an anti-aging Rune caused her to grow younger. Though she appears as a young girl,[4] she is around 124 years old.[5] She is the older sister of Impa.[2]

When approached by Link, she gives him a greeting and asks if he has come for the director of the Lab.[6] If he says yes, she claims the director is in the back and asks Link not to bother them long.[7] She does take a moment to notice that Link appears to be a traveler on an adventure.[8][9] Should Link say that he'd spoken to the director, she pretends to be pleased and hopes that he remembers the Lab fondly.[10]

Once Link has been informed of her true identity, she confirms it.[11] Purah asks him about any dreams he may have had during his Slumber of Restoration, calling him "Linky" and pointing out that he has not changed.[12] She is happy to see him well,[13] but his blank look helps her realize that he no longer recognizes her.[14][15][16] Purah reveals that she was the one to originally take Link to the Shrine of Resurrection.[17] She asks Link again if he cannot remember her and his response prompts her to pull out a notebook to take notes.[18] Purah admits that she does this often and asks Link if he has any questions.[19]

Naturally, Link is confused by her appearance. At first, Purah claims his observation is rude, but realizes that he has a good point.[20] She explains that it is due to a faulty experiment and asks him not to look into it in her diary.[21] She pushes the topic back to Calamity Ganon and Link's quest.[22] Purah explains that she intends to help him by fixing the Sheikah Slate.[23] If Link asks her to repeat what she said, Purah pulls out her notebook again to note it before telling him to pay attention.[24] Should Link decide to refuse, Purah is at first annoyed, but then decides to give him the time to change his mind.[25]

Once Link agrees to Purah's help, she asks him to run a quick errand.[26] Link seems to give her an odd look and she asks if he thought she would help him for free.[27] If Link admits that he did, she will take more notes.[28] Purah explains the errand for him, stating that she requires their furnace lit to restore his Runes.[29][30] She quietly wonders if people still use the same language that she does.[31]

Once she gives Link his task, he may ask her about a number of things. Should he ask about the ancient furnace, she will tell him where it is located.[32] Questioning her about the Blue Flame itself will prompt her to give him advice on how to get it back to Laboratory.[33] If he asks her who she is, she gives her name again and uses her catchphrase.[34] However, she realizes that Link is looking for her true age and shoots down any hope of getting it from her, telling him not to ask her too many questions about herself.[35] Whenever she's done answering a question, Purah will ask if Link has any others for her.[36] Purah will mention that there is a Torch nearby that Link can use in his task.[37]

Once this is completed, she will add the Camera Rune and the Sheikah Sensor to the Sheikah Slate. She will also upgrade any Rune to make them more effective, with the exception of the Camera and amiibo Runes.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Japan Japanese プルを (Purua)
Canada FrenchCA Pru'ha
French Republic FrenchEU Pru'ha
Italian Republic Italian Pruna


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