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BotW Purah Model.png
Race Sheikah
Gender Female
Family Impa (younger sister)
Paya (great niece)
Voice Actor(s) Kate Higgins (English)

Purah is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Purah is the director of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, where she works with her assistant Symin. Her research and experimentation with an anti-aging rune caused her to grow younger. Though she appears as a young girl[2], she is actually over 120 years old.[3]

She is the older sister of Impa.[4]

When approached by Link, she asks him to run a quick errand to retrieve a blue flame that powers the Tech Lab. Once this is completed, she will add the Camera Rune and the Sheikah Sensor to the Sheikah Slate. She will also upgrade any rune (except for the Camera and Amiibo runes) to make them more effective (e.g. Bombs+, Stasis+, etc...).


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Japan Japanese プルア (Purua)
Canada FrenchCA Pru'ha
French Republic FrenchEU Pru'ha
Italian Republic Italian Pruna


  1. "Director! Listen, Ms. Director!... As the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab director, Ms. Purah is the world's foremost authority on ancient Hyrule culture." — Symin (Breath of the Wild)
  2. "I now look and feel like a 6-year-old." — Purah's Diary (Breath of the Wild)
  3. "Our discoveries were startling. My results were typical of a Sheikah woman in her early 50s. In other words, I reversed my age by more than 70 years in a single night." — Purah's Diary (Breath of the Wild)
  4. "You may already know this, but although Impa looks a looooot older than me, she's actually my little sister." — Purah (Breath of the Wild)