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BotW Pruce Model.png
Race Hylian
Era Era of the Wilds
Family Ivee (daughter)[1]
Azu (son)[1]

Pruce is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2] He manages Hateno Village's general store, the East Wind.


Pruce is usually busy behind the counter of East Wind, sometimes neglecting to notice customers when they first come in.[3] He takes a moment to make sure everything is in place before returning to the counter proper.[4] When he is ready for business, he is open to conversation.[5]

Link can mention he is here to purchase items and Pruce will explain how to do so.[6] Should Link ask Pruce about himself, he will be startled at first, then move into introductions.[7] At night, Pruce will also bring up his family.[1] He will go on to mention that most of Hateno's villagers are friendly enough to speak with travelers.[8] If Link asks to sell something, Pruce will be happy to oblige.[9] Gaining anything makes Pruce quite happy,[10][11][12] and although he is eager to buy, he assures Link that he is in no hurry.[13][14]

If it is late, Pruce will make note of the time.[15] Despite this, the shop remains open.

Once Link decides to leave the store, Pruce expresses the hope that he will return.[16]


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