Prankster Poe

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Prankster Poe
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Prankster Poes are enemies in Tri Force Heroes.[1]


Prankster Poes appear in the Illusory Mansion, the Grim Temple, and the Frozen and Shadow Zones of the Den of Trials. They closely resemble the Links, and even wear similar hats. Prankster Poes attack by sneaking up to the Links and grabbing them to throw them off the central platforms they are located at. They move quickly, requiring the Links to strike back before they can sneak up to them. Prankster Poes are initially translucent, but become clearer and are briefly stunned when they are struck. When they are whole, they can be harmed, and a second strike of the Sword will damage them. After one Prankster Poe is damaged, it will disappear and then reappear behind the Link who attacked it, hoping to sneak in again before Link can react. They take several strikes of the Sword to defeat. In the Illusory Mansion, they appear as a group that ambush the Links in the Level's final Stage. In the Grim Temple, only two are fought, along with a pair of Chasupa.

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