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Poison Moth's Lair

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Poison Moth's Lair
OOS - Poison Moth's Lair (Entrance).png
Location(s) Spool Swamp
Game(s) Oracle of Seasons
Main Item Roc's Feather
Mini-boss(es) Omuai
Boss(es) Mothula
Quest Reward(s)Bright Sun
Heart Container

The Poison Moth's Lair is the third dungeon in Oracle of Seasons.[1] Deep within this dungeon lies the third Essence of Nature, the Bright Sun.

Entrance to the Lair

The entrance Poison Moth's Lair is carved into a rock wall within the Spool Swamp, fittingly surrounded by carvings of a moth. To access the swamp, Link requires Ricky's aid. This requires that he obtain Ricky's Gloves by defeating Blaino in a boxing match, which is how Ricky lost his gloves to begin with.[2][3] To reach the lower areas of the swamp, where the dungeon is found, Link must open the floodgates within the swamp using the Floodgate Key obtained from the Floodgate Keeper's house.

To reach the entrance to the dungeon, Link must climb the vines up to the opening in the rock face. However, since these vines grow only in summer, Link must first acquire the power of the Spirit of Summer for his Rod of Seasons. Therefore, Link must return to the Temple of Seasons in Subrosia. The nearby portal to Subrosia is surrounded by pitfalls, high cliffs, and deep waters, which Link will need the help of one of his animal companions to traverse (either Ricky, Dimitri, or Moosh, depending on which flute Link obtained earlier on).

Themes and Navigation

The third dungeon of Oracle of Seasons features sickly green floors and pale blue walls. The dungeon is composed of two floors, with two side-scrolling basement areas that lead to isolated rooms of the dungeon. Gaping holes on the second floor of the dungeon allow Link to drop down back into the first floor.

Only two Small Keys are found throughout the whole dungeon (plus the Boss Key). As in all the other dungeon of the game, there is also a Treasure Chest containing a Gasha Seed. In a room with shifting floors lies the dungeon's main item, Roc's Feather, guarded by a Blade Trap and Arm Mimics. The Roc's Feather allows Link to jump across gaps and reach new areas of the dungeon. The Roc's Feather also allows Link to jump onto trampolines found within the dungeon, rocketing him up through the holes in the ceiling to the second floor.

The mini boss of the dungeon is Omuai, a trio of squids in shallow water. The boss of the Poison Moth's Lair is Mothula, hence the name of the dungeon. If Link falls through the gaps in the floors while fighting Mothula, he will drop back into the first floor of the dungeon, and will have to restart the battle. After defeating Mothula, Link receives the standard Heart Container and the Essence of Nature he was searching for.

Minor Traps and Enemies


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese どくがの巣穴 (Dokuga no Suana) Poison Moth's Nest
French Republic FrenchEU Antre Mites Poison Poison Moth's Lair
Federal Republic of Germany German Giftmottenhöhle Poison Moth Cave
Italian Republic Italian Covo Tarma Velenosa
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Guarida de la Polilla Venenosa Venomous Moth's Lair



  1. Encyclopedia (Dark Horse Books) pg. 151
  2. "Link! Wow! To think we'd meet here! Spool Swamp is my backyard. If you go south from here, then around and back up, there it is. I'd go with you, but I can't do a thing without my gloves... A guy named Blaino took them when I lost a match to him." — Ricky (Oracle of Seasons)
  3. "Th-those are my gloves! You brought them back? Thank you! In exchange... I'll take you to Spool Swamp. Get in my pouch!" — Ricky (Oracle of Seasons)
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