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BotW Pirou Model.png
Race Hylian
Gender Male

Pirou is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Pirou is an old man who can be found at the Gerudo Canyon Stable. Link can speak to Pirou to begin the "Rushroom Rush!" Side Quest. When Link first speaks to him, Pirou asks him if he has any Rushrooms.[2] He goes on to explain that he is tired of going at normal speed and that he used to eat Rushrooms every day when he was five years old.[3][4][5] Pirou used to win every race thanks to Rushrooms, but now he feels out of energy 55 years later.[6][7][8] No matter how many Rushrooms Pirou eats, he is too old to climb the cliffs where Rushrooms grow.[9][10] Pirou says that he is in the market for Rushrooms,[11] offering Link a Diamond for 55 of them.[12][13] Pirou explains that Rushrooms grow all over the place and tend to grow on cliffs,[14][15] which are common around the Stable.[16] He says that he would be picking them himself if he was five years younger.[17] Pirou tells Link to talk to him if he wants to do business.[18][19]

When Link returns to Pirou, he says that he thought Link would come back and asks him if he brought the Rushrooms.[20][21] If Link does not have 55 Rushrooms in his inventory, Pirou will not accept them,[22][23] stating that he has no use for a random number of Rushrooms.[24] Once Link brings Pirou 55 Rushrooms, he tells him that he left the Diamond for him behind the Stable.[25] Pirou also questions why Link went through all the trouble for a Diamond.[26] After the Quest is complete, Link will find a Treasure Chest behind the stable containing the Diamond that Pirou promised to give him.

Link can return to Pirou any time to exchange 55 Rushrooms for double the market value, which is a total of 330 Rupees. If Link talks to Pirou after the quest, Pirou claims that he knew Link would be back and can tell which people will be repeat customers.[27] If Link sells Pirou another 55 Rushrooms, he will count them and exclaim that is what he likes to see.[28] Pirou pays Link for the Rushrooms and tells him that he will happily buy another batch any time.[29]



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