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AquaBeetle ALttP.png
Habitat(s)Swamp Palace
Effective Weapon(s)All

Pirogusu are eel-like creatures that squirm from openings in the walls of the Swamp Palace in A Link to the Past.[1] At first only their eyes can be seen, then they worm forward before they drop down into the shallow water below. Once in the water, Pirogusu move very fast, skimming through at high speed and travelling in straight lines around the edges of the water, similar to Rats, except they will not stop until they are defeated. Pirogusu will also continue to swarm into the room even after being defeated, often appear alongside Hover and Kyameron, making the water a constant threat. Pirogusu can cause a surprising amount of damage despite their small size, up to two hearts, so should be treated with caution.


  • Pirogusu appear to have barbels, much like catfish and carp. These can only be seen before it enters the water.
  • The second half of its name in Japanese, gūsu is very similar to the name of the Rat enemy in Japan, Gūzu, which may suggest a relation.
  • The name may also be Japanese onomatopoeia combining "pi" (meaning drip) and "gusu" (meaning tear), relating to its manner of dropping like a teardrop from the holes in the walls.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ピログース (Pirogūsu) Pirogusu


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  1. "PIROGUSU" (Art & Artifacts (Dark Horse Books), pg. 391)
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