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Pillar Crossroads

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Pillar Crossroads
The Pillar Crossroads is never seen in the book
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The Pillar Crossroads is a location featured in The Crystal Trap. Princess Zelda stumbles into the crossroads after she leaves the Midoro Palace. Here, she finds tall stone pillars lying in a ring all around with strange writing on them.[1] With three columns all pointing in different locations in which Zelda could go to, each column has a drawing pertaining to its area. For example, the road that leads into the Forest has a worn picture of trees and a deer.[2]

The three roads that Zelda can take are the Forest, Desert, or the Swamp. Whichever path Zelda takes will lead her to obtain a Large Brass Key; however, the most recommended path is the Forest path, since there she will meet a Tree Witch who will give her the Witch's Ring, required to obtain one of the three items necessary to free Link from the Crystal as dictated in the Fairy's Scroll: the Magnifying Glass.


  1. "After a little ways, the road veers left and runs into a large flat space. Tall stone pillars lie crumbling in a ring all around. 'It's a crossroads,' Zelda says. 'Those pillars are signposts. But I don't recognize the language they're written in.'"  (The Crystal Trap (Archway) pg. 17)
  2. "She walks up to one of the columns and sees a worn picture carved on its side. She can just make out trees and a deer. 'This road must lead into the forest,' she says to herself."  (The Crystal Trap (Archway) pg. 30)