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Pig Warrior

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Pig Warrior
LANS Pig Warrior Model.png
Habitat(s)Tal Tal Heights
Ukuku Prairie

Pig Warriors are recurring enemies in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]


Link's Awakening

Boarblins are relatives to Moblins in Link's Awakening.[2] They have a porcine-like appearance akin to the Moblins of A Link to the Past. Pig Warriors live primarily in Tal Tal Heights and Ukuku Prairie. They behave in an identical manner to Moblins and also appear in a Sword variant.

Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages

Pig Warriors appear in blue and red variants in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. A Sword-wielding variant can also be found. The Great Moblin is the boss of a gang of Pig Warriors. They operate a Keep, where the Great Moblin is fought as a miniboss. After his defeat, the Pig Warriors are driven away to the other land in a Linked Game. In Holodrum, after their defeat, they can be found in Sunken City, forced to make innocent work by selling Bombs.

In a linked game, a friendly Pig Warrior will give Link the Tokay secret. [3][4]


  • In the Oracle games, Pig Warriors often begin sentences with the suffix, "Bwee." [5][6]


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