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Pig (Enemy)

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FPTRR Eyelid Pig Sprite.png
Eyelid Pig
Main appearance(s)

Pigs appear as enemies in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. There are several different varieties of Pigs. What appears to be their snout is actually their face, with their eyes in the "nostrils". They appear to be closely related to Oinkers.


Eyelid Pig

Eyelid Pigs (or simply Eyelids) are the most basic of the pigs. They are cowardly and will run away from Tingle if they see him. They are found in Hometown Prairie and Cape Treasure. They may drop Minced Meat or Short Fur when defeated.

Flying Pig

Flying Purple Pig.png Flying Pigs are a rather passive enemy that can only be attacked when they land and they can only be found at the Sunshine Seashore. They may drop Minced Meat or Short Fur when defeated.

Gold Pig

FPTRR Gold Pig Sprite.png Gold Pigs are a rare variant of the Eyelid Pig who appear in Cape Treasure. They drop 500 Rupees when defeated.

Diver Pig

Snorkel Pig.png Diver Pigs are found in the Steamy Marsh and will run away from Tingle if they see him. They may drop Baby Sharks or Pink Quartz when defeated.

Flaming Pig

FPTRR Flaming Pig Sprite.png Flaming Pigs are an aggressive enemy found on Mount Desma. Tingle must throw a bottle of water onto them to be able to attack them. They may drop Marbled Meat or Gold Gem when defeated.


The Japanese name for these enemies generally consist of puns on the word ブタ (Buta), meaning "pig." For example, Eyelid Pigs are known as マブタ (Mabuta), meaning "Eyelids," while Diver Pigs are known as ダイブタ (Daibuta), a combination of Buta and ダイバー (Daibā), meaning "diver."

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Eyelid Pig Flying Pig Gold Pig Diver Pig Flaming Pig
Japan Japanese マブタ トブタ キンイロブタ ダイブタ ヒダルマブタ