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Piece of Power

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Piece of Power
LA - Piece of Power 2.gif
Link finding a Piece of Power
Use(s) Increases attack power and movement speed
Comparable Item(s) Razor Seed
LA - Piece of Power.gif

The Piece of Power is a temporary upgrade to Link's sword attacks in Link's Awakening. It is triangular shaped, slightly resembling a piece of the Triforce.

Location and Uses

These are dropped by common enemies, similar to Rupees, but are much rarer; they appear after defeating 40 to 45 enemies.[1] It is activated as soon as Link touches it. The item will be denoted by a change in music and causing Link's sword to flash. The item causes Link's sword to deal double damage and to send enemies flying when he hits them. This also results in a larger explosion when an enemy dies. It also increases Link's movement speed. It is one of two temporary upgrades available, the other being the Guardian Acorn.

In Link's Awakening DX, the Red Clothes can be obtained, which acts like a permanent Piece of Power. Pieces of Power can still be obtained after this, and the damage boost will stack with the Red Tunic, quadrupling the original damage output as well as giving the benefit of extra speed.



  1. ". . .to earn a Piece of Power, you must succeed in destroying between 40 and 45 enemies." (The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Nintendo Player's Guide (Nintendo Power), pg. 89)

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