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Picori Blade
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The Picori Blade, as seen in the introduction
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Repel and banish evil
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The Picori Blade,[1] also known as the Sacred Blade and the Sacred Sword,[2][3] is an object in The Minish Cap. It is an enchanted sword that was created by the Minish[4] and given by them to the Hero of Men. It was said to be one of two gifts from the Picori, the other being the Light Force. The sword was used to defeat evil and was ultimately enshrined as a sacred sword.


By the time of The Minish Cap, the Picori Blade has been placed in the Bound Chest,[5] much like how the Master Sword is placed in the Pedestal of Time, and is only brought out once a year so that the winner of the annual sword competition can have the honor of touching it.[6] The winner of the sword competition in the year The Minish Cap takes place is Vaati.

He uses this chance to break open the chest, ultimately destroying the blade, in hopes of finding the Light Force, only to find it is not there and that he has only released demons into Hyrule which were previously captured and trapped inside by the Hero of Men.[7]

The sword is broken by Vaati in The Minish Cap and it becomes Link's quest to reforge it. Later on, the sword is reforged by Melari and then becomes known as the White Sword.[8] Link then takes it to the Elemental Sanctuary to infuse it with the Elements he has collected. When Link first goes to the sanctuary, he has the Earth and Fire Elements. The hilt of the blade turns into the color of the latest Element he collects.

Once the White Sword is infused with all of the Four Elements, it becomes the Four Sword and is then used to defeat Vaati.


  • The chest that seals the monsters inside it is an allusion to the Greek Myth of Pandora's Box in which all of the evil in the world was sealed inside a box and released when the first woman Pandora opened the box.
  • The Picori Blade resembles the Master Sword because of its purple hilt.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ピッコルの剣 (Pikkoru no Ken) Pikkoru Sword
French Republic FrenchEU Epée Minish Minish Sword
Federal Republic of Germany German Schwert der Minish Minish's Sword
Italian Republic Italian Spada Minish Minish Sword
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Espada minish Minish sword


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