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TMC Beedle Figurine Sprite.png
Beedle selling Picolyte
Main appearance(s)
200 Rupees
Increasing the rate of finding various items
Comparable item(s)

Picolyte are items in The Minish Cap.[1]

Location and Uses

Picolyte is made from Pico Blooms by a Minish in the Minish Village.[2] In order to grow yellow, blue, and orange Pico Blooms, Link is asked to bring Lon Lon Milk, Mt. Crenel Mineral Water, and a Red Potion.[3][4][5]

In Hyrule Town, if Link cleans the dust on the carpet by using the Gust Jar, Beedle will eventually start selling Picolyte. Immediately after he opens his shop, White, Red, and Green Picolyte are available to purchase. The remaining colors become available once the Minish grows their respective Pico Bloom.

Once bought, the Picolyte is stored in an Empty Bottle; however, only one of each type of Picolyte can be carried at a time.[1] When consumed, Picolyte increases the rate of finding certain items, such as Kinstones,[6] Mysterious Shells,[7] and Rupees.[8] The effects of Picolyte wear off after approximately 30 seconds.

List of Picolyte

Item Effect Price
TMC Blue Picolyte Sprite.png
Blue Picolyte
Increases the rate of finding items 200 Rupees
TMC Green Picolyte Sprite.png
Green Picolyte
Increases the rate of finding Mysterious Shells 200 Rupees
TMC Red Picolyte Sprite.png
Red Picolyte
Increases the rate of finding Hearts 200 Rupees
TMC Orange Picolyte Sprite.png
Orange Picolyte
Increases the rate of finding Fairies 200 Rupees
TMC Yellow Picolyte Sprite.png
Yellow Picolyte
Increases the rate of finding Rupees 200 Rupees
TMC White Picolyte Sprite.png
White Picolyte
Increases the rate of Kinstones 200 Rupees


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