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LADX Photographer Sprite.png
Race Mouse
Gender Male
Era Era of Light and Dark

The Photographer is a character in Link's Awakening DX.[1]


The Photographer is a mouse who owns a Camera Shop north of the Ukuku Prairie. He loves taking pictures, and takes several shots of Link's quest after Link has his first photo taken in the Camera Shop. When Link first talks to him, the Photographer asks him to stand in front of a curtain so he can take his picture. If Link agrees, the Photographer takes a picture of him giving the peace sign in front of the curtain; but if he refuses and keeps telling the Photographer no, he takes a picture of Link beaten up in front of the curtain.

Afterwards, Link may encounter various events in the game where the Photographer takes another photograph that will be added to his very own photo album entitled "The Travels of Link," kept in the Photo Shop. When Link walks across the bridge of Tal Tal Heights, the Photographer asks to take a picture, and when he is about to push the button, he trips and falls off the bridge, taking the photo on the way down.



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