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Photo Bro

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Photo Bro
Photo Bro.png
Race Human
Gender Male[1]
Counterpart(s) Rumor Guy (Hyrule)

The Photo Bro is a character in Tri Force Heroes. He runs the Miiverse Gallery in Hytopia.


The Photo Bro is the owner of the Miiverse Gallery, where Link can post screenshots taken of the game to Miiverse. The Photo Bro will give Link a Camera the first time he visits him, which is needed to take photos while in the Drablands. At the end of the game, following the ceremony in celebration of the curse being lifted off of Princess Styla, the Photo Bro had filmed the entire event and gave it as a gift to her.[1]


  1. 1.0 1.1 "OH! You should know that the Photo Bro filmed the whole affair. He presented it to the princess as a present! If you ever wish to revel in that magnificent ceremony once more, go speak with the princess." — Bearded Baron (Tri Force Heroes)