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Phantom Hourglass Translations/Miscellaneous

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Multiplayer Stages

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Standard Medium Stage Niveaux standard moyen (Canada) Standard Mittlerer Level Escenario Normal (Latin America)
Standard Large Stage Niveaux standard grand (Canada) Standard Großer Level Escenario Grande (Latin America)
Standard Small Stage Niveaux standard petit (Canada) Standard Kleiner Level Escenario Pequeño (Latin America)
Standard Tiny Stage Niveaux standard mini (Canada) Standard Winziger Level Escenario Minúsculo (Latin America)
Inverted Stage Niveaux inversé (Canada) Umgekehrter Level Escenario Invertido (Latin America)
Back-to-Back Stage Niveaux dos-à-dos (Canada) Rücken-an-Rücken-Level Espalda con Espalda (Latin America)
Stronghold Stage Niveaux forteresse (Canada) Festungslevel Fortaleza (Latin America)
U-shaped Stage Niveaux en U (Canada) U-förmiger Level Escenario en U (Latin America)


Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Goro-Link Triforce piece.png GoroLink
Link-abou Triforce piece.png Link-abou
Wrong Boy Triforce piece.png Irrtum-Junge


Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Sacred crest Emblema Sagrado
Door of Wisdom Puerta de la Sabiduría
TLoZ Shield Emblem.pngTAoL Magical Sword Artwork 2.pngALttP logo.pngLADX Wind Fish's Egg Sprite.pngLANS Marin Render.pngOcarina of Time.pngMM3D Majora's Mask Artwork.pngOracle of Ages - Harp of Ages.pngRod of Seasons.pngFS logo.pngWind Waker wand.pngFourSword Artwork.pngTMC Ezlo Artwork.pngTP Midna Icon.pngThe Phantom Hourglass.pngSpirit flute.pngSS Fi Icon.pngALBW Dark Triforce.pngTri Force HeroesBotW Blue Sheikah Eye Symbol.pngFoE Logo.pngWoG Logo.pngTRRLogo.pngLogoT2.pngHW Link's Scarf Icon 2.pngHH.pngGerudoE.png