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Phantom Hourglass Translations/Items

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  • Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular item in that language.


Quest Items and Equipment

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Regal Necklace Königliche Halskette;
Mysteriöse Halskette


Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Skippyjack Bonite (Canada) Bonito Bonito (Latin America)
Toona Thono (Canada) Tunfisch At√ļn (Latin America)
Loovar Lamprette (Canada) Louvar Louvar (Latin America)
Rusty Swordfish Espadon Rouillé (Canada) Gefleckter Schwertfisch Pez Espada (Latin America)
Neptoona Pos√©√Įdoine (Canada) Poseidon Poseid√≥n (Latin America)
Stowfish Bosse de Poisso (Canada) Fischwulst Pez Bombilla (Latin America)
Big Catch Lure Leurre au gros (Canada) Großer Fang-Köder Cebo especial (Latin America)


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
PH Pink Coral Model.png
Pink Coral Corail Rose Rosa Koralle Coral Rosa (Latin America)
PH Pearl Necklace Model.png
Pearl Necklace (USA)
White Pearl Loop (Europe)
Collier de Perles Perlenkette Collar de Perlas (Latin America)
PH Dark Pearl Loop Model.png
Dark Pearl Loop Collier de Nacre (France) Perles Noires (Canada) Schwarze Perlenkette Perlas Negras (Latin America)
PH Zora Scale Model.png
Zora Scale √Čcaille de Zora Zora-Schuppe Escama de Zora (Latin America)
PH Goron Amber Model.png
Goron Amber Ambre Goron Goron-Bernstein √Āmbar Goron (Latin America)
PH Ruto Crown Model.png
Ruto Crown Couronne de Ruto <mall>(France)}} Couronne Ruto (Canada) Krone von Ruto Corona Ruto (Latin America)
PH Helmaroc Plume Model.png
Helmaroc Plume Plume Dorée (France) Plume Colorée (Canada) Helmaroc-Feder Pluma de Helmaroc (Latin America)
PH Regal Ring Model.png
Regal Ring Anneau Royal Königlicher Ring Anillo Real (Latin America)

Ship Parts


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
PH Passable Prow Model.png
Passable Prow Proue Bof-Bof (Canada) Passabler Bug Masc. Normal (Latin America)
PH Bell Prow Model.png
Bell Prow Proue Cloche (Canada) Glockenbug Camparón (Latin America)
PH Drill Prow Model.png
Drill Prow Proue Foreuse (Canada) Bohrerbug Taladro (Latin America)
PH Mermaid Prow Model.png
Mermaid Prow Proue Sirène (Canada) Nixenbug Masc. Sirena (Latin America)
PH Log Prow Model.png
Log Prow Proue Souche (Canada) Klotzbug Masc. Largo (Latin America)
PH Demon Prow Model.png
Demon Prow Proue Démon (Canada) Dämonenbug Malcarón (Latin America)
PH Tropical Prow Model.png
Tropical Prow Proue Tropicale (Canada) Tropischer Bug Masc. Tropical (Latin America)
PH Tourist Prow Model.png
Tourist Prow Proue Touriste (Canada) Touristenbug Masc. Crucero (Latin America)
PH Golden Prow Model.png
Golden Prow Proue d'Or (Canada) Goldener Bug Masc. Dorado (Latin America)


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
PH Normal Anchor Model.png
Normal Anchor Ancre Normale (Canada) Normaler Anker Ancla Normal (Latin America)
PH Bell Anchor Model.png
Bell Anchor Ancre Cloche (Canada) Glockenanker Ancla Campana (Latin America)
PH Iron Anchor Model.png
Iron Anchor Ancre de Fer (Canada) Eisenanker Ancla de Hierro (Latin America)
PH Ancient Anchor Model.png
Ancient Anchor Ancre Antique (Canada) Uralter Anker Ancla Vetusta (Latin America)
PH Swim Ring Model.png
Swim Ring Bouée (Canada) Schwimmring Flotador (Latin America)
PH Sickle Anchor Model.png
Sickle Anchor Ancre Faux (Canada) Sensenanker Guada√Īa (Latin America)
PH Shell Anchor Model.png
Shell Anchor Ancre Coquille (Canada) Muschelanker Ancla Vieira (Latin America)
PH Weighty Anchor Model.png
Weighty Anchor Ancre Massive (Canada) Schwerer Anker Ancla Pesada (Latin America)
PH Gem Anchor Model.png
Gem Anchor Ancre Gemme (Canada) Edelsteinanker Ancla Gema (Latin America)


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
PH Standard Hull Model.png
Standard Hull Coque Standard (Canada) Standardrumpf Quilla Normal (Latin America)
PH Bright Hull Model.png
Bright Hull Coque Brillante (Canada) Heller Rumpf Quilla Brillante (Latin America)
PH Iron Hull Model.png
Iron Hull Coque de Fer (Canada) Eiserner Rumpf Quilla de Hierro (Latin America)
PH Stone Hull Model.png
Stone Hull Coque de Pierre (Canada) Steinrumpf Quilla de Piedra (Latin America)
PH Vintage Hull Model.png
Vintage Hull Coque Rétro (Canada) Alter Rumpf Quilla Artesanal (Latin America)
PH Demon Hull Model.png
Demon Ship Bateau Démon (Canada) Dämonenrumpf Quilla Infernal (Latin America)
PH Tropical Ship Model.png
Tropical Ship Coque Tropicale (Canada) Tropenrumpf Quilla Tropical (Latin America)
PH Dignified Ship Model.png
Dignified Ship Coque Digne (Canada) Feiner Rumpf Quilla Seria (Latin America)
PH Golden Hull Model.png
Golden Hull Coque d'Or (Canada) Goldener Rumpf Quilla Dorada (Latin America)


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
PH Eddo's Cannon Model.png
Eddo's Cannon Canon d'Eddo (Canada) Eds Kanone Ca√Ī√≥n de Eddo (Latin America)
PH Artistic Cannon Model.png
Artistic Cannon Can. Artistique (Canada) K√ľnstlerkanone Ca√Ī√≥n Artistico (Latin America)
PH Strong Cannon Model.png
Strong Cannon Canon Puissant (Canada) Starke Kanone Ca√Ī√≥n Potente (Latin America)
PH Ancient Cannon Model.png
Ancient Cannon Canon Ancien (Canada) Alte Kanone Ca√Ī√≥n Vetusto (Latin America)
PH Meager Cannon Model.png
Meager Cannon Canon Maigre (Canada) Magere Kanone Ca√Ī√≥n Exiguo (Latin America)
PH Fear Cannon Model.png
Fear Cannon Canon Terreur (Canada) Furchtkanone Ca√Ī√≥n Pavoroso (Latin America)
PH Seapony Cannon Model.png
Seapony Cannon Canon Hippo (Canada) Seepferdkanone Ca√Ī√≥ncito (Latin America)
PH Red Cannon Model.png
Red Cannon Canon Rouge (Canada) Rote Kanone Ca√Ī√≥n Rojo (Latin America)
PH Golden Cannon Model.png
Golden Cannon Canon d'Or (Canada) Goldene Kanone Ca√Ī√≥n Dorado (Latin America)


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
PH Simple Handrail Model.png
Simple Handrail Ramb. Simple (Canada) Schlichtes Gel. Pas. Normal (Latin America)
PH Arch Handrail Model.png
Arch Handrail Rambarde Arc (Canada) Bogengeländer Pas. de Arco (Latin America)
PH Chain Handrail Model.png
Chain Handrail Ramb. Cha√ģne (Canada) Kettengel√§nder Pas. de Cadena (Latin America)
PH Pillar Handrail Model.png
Pillar Handrail Rambarde Pilier (Canada) Säulengeländer Pas. de Pilares (Latin America)
PH Worn Handrail Model.png
Worn Handrail Rambarde Usée (Canada) Abgenutztes G. Pas. Gastado (Latin America)
PH Spike Handrail Model.png
Spike Handrail Rambarde Pieux (Canada) Dornengeländer Pas. de Clavos (Latin America)
PH Wood Handrail Model.png
Wood Handrail Rambarde Bois (Canada) Holzgeländer Pas. de Madera (Latin America)
PH Utility Handrail Model.png
Utility Handrail Rambarde Sobre (Canada) N√ľtzliches Gel. Pas. Pr√°ctico (Latin America)
PH Golden Handrail Model.png
Golden Handrail Rambarde d'Or (Canada) Goldgeländer Pas. Dorado (Latin America)


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
PH Steady Bridge Model.png
Steady Bridge Pont Stable (Canada) Stabile Br√ľcke Puente Normal (Latin America)
PH Restful Cabin Model.png
Restful Cabin Cabine Paisible (Canada) Gem√ľtl. Kabine Camarote (Latin America)
PH Conning Tower Model.png
Conning Tower Tour de Combat (Canada) Kommandoturm Torre de Mando (Latin America)
PH Peaceful Bridge Model.png
Peaceful Bridge Tour Méditative (Canada) Friedliche Br. Puente de Paz (Latin America)
PH Barrel Shack Model.png
Barrel Shack Cabane Tonneau (Canada) Fassbaracke Tonel Barraca (Latin America)
PH Demon Prison Model.png
Demon Prison Prison D√©mon (Canada) D√§monenbr√ľcke Celda Diab√≥lica (Latin America)
PH Shell Apartment Model.png
Shell Apartment Appart' Coquille (Canada) Muschelbr√ľcke Caracola (Latin America)
PH Practical Bridge Model.png
Practical Bridge Pont Pratique (Canada) Praktische Br. Puente Pr√°ctico (Latin America)
PH Golden Bridge Model.png
Golden Bridge Pont d'Or (Canada) Goldbr√ľcke Puente Dorado (Latin America)


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
PH Normal Chimney Model.png
Normal Chimney Chem. Normale (Canada) Normaler Schlot Chim. Normal (Latin America)
PH Elegant Chimney Model.png
Elegant Chimney Chem. Raffinée (Canada) Eleganter Schlot Chim. Elegante (Latin America)
PH Parasol Chimney Model.png
Parasol Chimney Chem. Parasol (Canada) Schirmschlot Chim. Parsol (Latin America)
PH Stone Chimney Model.png
Stone Chimney Chem. Lithique (Canada) Steinschlot Chim. de Piedra (Latin America)
PH Strange Chimney Model.png
Strange Chimney Chem. √Čtrange (Canada) Seltsamer Schlot Chim. Extra√Īa (Latin America)
PH Demon Chimney Model.png
Demon Chimney Chem. Démon (Canada) Dämonenschlot Chim. Diabólica (Latin America)
PH Horn Chimney Model.png
Horn Chimney Cheminée Corne (Canada) Hornschlot Chim. Córnea (Latin America)
PH Tall Chimney Model.png
Tall Chimney Grande Chem. (Canada) Hoher Schlot Chim. Alta (Latin America)
PH Golden Chimney Model.png
Golden Chimney Cheminée en Or (Canada) Goldener Schlot Chim. de Jardín (Latin America)


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
PH Normal Wheel Model.png
Normal Wheel Roue Normale (Canada) Normales Rad Rueda Normal (Latin America)
PH Paddling Wheel Model.png
Paddling Wheel Roue Hélice (Canada) Flossenrad Rueda de Aspas (Latin America)
PH Battle Wheel Model.png
Battle Wheel Roue à Vis (Canada) Schraubenrad Hélice (Latin America)
PH Rock Wheel Model.png
Rock Wheel Roue de Pierre (Canada) Steinrad Rueda Pétrea (Latin America)
PH Simple Wheel Model.png
Simple Wheel Roue Simple (Canada) Einfaches Rad Rueda Simple (Latin America)
PH Insect Wheel Model.png
Insect Wheel Roue Insecte (Canada) Insektenrad Rueda Insecto (Latin America)
PH Shell Wheel Model.png
Shell Wheel Roue Coquillage (Canada) Muschelrad Moluscorrueda (Latin America)
PH Red Wheel Model.png
Red Wheel Roue Rouge (Canada) Rotes Rad Rueda Roja (Latin America)
PH Golden Wheel Model.png
Golden Wheel Roue d'Or (Canada) Goldenes Rad Rueda Dorada (Latin America)

Other Items

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Freebie Card Cupón de Regalo
Sand of Hours Sable de Vie Lebenssand Arena Vital Sabbia della vita
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