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Phantom Hourglass Translations/Characters

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Main Characters

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
PH Link Ciela.png
リンク (Rinku) Link Link Link Link Link 링크
Ciela sprite.png
シエラ (Shiera) Ciela, Spirit of Time and Courage Ciela, Esprit du Temps et du Courage Ciela, Lichtgeist des Mutes und der Zeit Ciela, Espíritu del Tiempo y el Valor Sciela, Spirito del Coraggio e del Tempo 시에라
PH Oshus Model.png
シーワン (Shīwan) Oshus Siwan Triforce piece.png
Oshus Triforce piece.png
Siwan Oshus Oshus 시왕 (Sea King)
テトラ (Tetora) Tetra Tetra Tetra Tetra Dazel 테트라
PH Linebeck Artwork.png
ラインバック (Rainbakku) Linebeck Linebeck Linebeck Linebeck Linebeck 라인백
PH Ocean King Model.png
Ocean King Roi des Mers Meereskönig Re Mar 해왕

Secondary Characters

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
PH Leaf Render.png
リーフ (Rīfu) Leaf, Spirit of Power Leaf, Esprit de la Force Lief, Lichtgeist der Kraft Leaf, Espíritu del Poder Leaf, Spirito del Potere 리프
Neri Render.png
ネーリ (Nēri) Neri, Spirit of Wisdom Neri, Esprit de la Sagesse Neri, Lichtgeist der Weisheit Neri, Espíritu de la Sabiduría Nelly, Spirito della Saggezza 네리
PH Old Wayfarer Model.png
Old Wayfarer Vieil Aventurier Triforce piece.png
Vieux Voyageur Triforce piece.png
Alter Romantiker Viejo Trotamundos Triforce piece.png
Viejo Aventurero Triforce piece.png
Vecchio sognatore
PH Eddo Model.png
Eddo Eddo Ed Eddo Etno
PH Fuzo Model.png
Fuzo Fuzo Fuzo Fuzo Ferruccio
PH Gongoron Model.png
マイゴロン (Maigoron) Gongoron Ptigoron Maigoron Gongoron Gongoron
ダイゴロン (Daigoron) Biggoron Biggoron Biggoron Biggoron
PH Golden Chief Cylos Model.png
金の親分ラシン (Kin no Oyabun Rashin) Golden Chief Cylos Chef Doré Rasheen Goldener Boss Raschien Rasheen, el Patrón Dorado Re Gorgo, Maestà Dorata


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
カシヅク (Kashizuku) Triforce piece.png Kayo Kaji Triforce piece.png
Kayo Triforce piece.png
Kaschizuku Kayo Caio
フォーチュン (Fōchun) Astrid Astrid Astrid Astrid
PH Zauz Model.png
サウズ (Sauzu) Zauz Sazu Triforce piece.png
Sasu Triforce piece.png
Sauz Zauz Effesto
King Mutoh.png
King Mutoh Roi Mutoh König Mutoh Rey Mutoh Re Mutoh
Cobble Knights Ritter des Daiku-Königreichs
PH Brant Model.png
Brant Gary Triforce piece.png
Brant Triforce piece.png
Gregor Gari Triforce piece.png
Brant Triforce piece.png
PH Bremeur Model.png
Bremeur Tome Triforce piece.png
Bremeur Triforce piece.png
Johann Mita Triforce piece.png
Bremeur Triforce piece.png
PH Doylan Model.png
Doylan Doylan Friedhelm Doylan
PH Max Model.png
Max Max Ingolf Max


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
PH Aroo Model.png
Aroo Aroo Ario Iglolo
AnoukiIslandChief2 Large.png
Island Chief Chef du village Inselhäuptling Jefe de la Tribu Presidente Eschimù
PH Aroo Model.png
Dobo Dobo Dobo Dobo
PH Aroo Model.png
Fofo Fofo Fofo Fofo
PH Aroo Model.png
Gumo Gumo Gumo Gumo
PH Aroo Model.png
Hintobo Indisso Hintobo Pistodio
PH Aroo Model.png
Kumu Komo Kumu Kumu
PH Aroo Model.png
Mazo Mazo Mazo Mazo
PH Aroo Model.png
Nobodo Sangloo Keinhaus Siniglú

Other Characters

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
ST Goron Child Artwork.png
ゴロン (Goron) Goron Goron Gorone Goron Goron 고론 (Golon)
PH Postman Model.png
ポストマン (Posutoman) Postman Le Postier Postbote
PH Nyeve Model.png
Nyeve Nyeve Naivs Bruder Triforce piece.png Nyeve Indagio
PH Nyave Model.png
Nyave Nyave Naiv Nyave Indigio
Teller of Treasures.png
お宝かんてい屋 (O-Takara Kantei-ya) Teller of Treasures Comptoir de trésors Schatzgutachter Anticuario
PH Freedle Model.png
Freedle Barry Lenon Triforce piece.png
Freedle Triforce piece.png
Taresan Freedle Francestrello
PH Joanne Model.png
ジョアン (Joan) Joanne Joanne Joanne Joanne Joanne
PH Jolene Model.png
ジョリーン (Jorīn) Jolene Jolène Jolene Jolene Jolene
PH Man of Smiles Model.png
Man of Smiles L'Homme aux Sourires Der Mann des Lächelns El Hombre de las Sonrisas Felice
PH Fallen Adventurer Model.png
ミクニー (Mikunī) Esteemed Explorer McNey Mickney Mickney Mickney Triforce piece.png
McNey Triforce piece.png
Pio Niere
PH Romanos Model.png
ロマーニ (Romāni) Romanos Moran Triforce piece.png
Américo Triforce piece.png
Romani Romanos Amerigo
PH Salvatore Model.png
サルバトーレ (Sarubatōre) Salvatore Salvatore Salvatore Salvatore Arrafaele
ST Beedle Model.png
テリー (Terī) Beedle Terry Triforce piece.png
Beedle Triforce piece.png
Terri Terry Triforce piece.png
Beedle Triforce piece.png
PH Hoiger Howgendoogen Model.png
Ho Ho Tribe Peuple Ho Ho Ho-Ho-Stamm Tribu Jo-Jo Truppa Ohò
PH Hoiger Howgendoogen Model.png
Hoiger Howgendoogen Hoiger Hohlie Hohenzezern
No Image.png
Servant to the Goddess of Spirits Servant de la déesse des esprits Dienerin der Göttin der Lichtgeister Sirviente de la diosa de los espíritus
PH Fallen Adventurer Model.png
Skeletons Skelette
PH Brown Yook Model.png
ユキザル (Yukizaru)
アカザル (Akazaru) Triforce piece.png
Yook Yuk
No Image.png
Drawing Commission Die Lotterie-Kommission
No Image.png
ラッキー・リー (Rakkī Rī) Lucky Lee Lucky Lee
No Image.png
Postmaster Postmeister
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