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Phantom Armor

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Phantom Armor
BotW Phantom Armor Icon.png
15 Rupees
Increasing Link's Attack

The Phantom Armor is an item in Breath of the Wild. It is a piece of Armor exclusive to The Master Trials DLC Pack.

Location and Uses

Obtaining the Phantom Armor is one part of the objective of the "EX Treasure: Phantasma" Side Quest. The Armor was stolen from Hyrule Castle by Misko and a clue to its location can be found in Misko's EX Journal at the Outpost Ruins.[1][2] The Treasure Chest that hides the Phantom Armor can be found buried in the southeast of the Sacred Ground Ruins. After obtaining the Phantom Armor, Granté will begin selling it for 50 Rupees.[note 1] According to its description, the Phantom Armor looks just like the Armor supposedly worn by Phantoms that tormented heroes.[4] When worn, the Armor provides one level of Attack Up. The Phantom Armor cannot be enhanced by a Great Fairy nor can it be Dyed at the Kochi Dye Shop. The Phantom Armor, alongside the Phantom Helmet and Phantom Greaves, compose the Phantom Equipment.


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  1. Prior to the Version 1.3.3 Update, Granté would not sell any Armor that is exclusive to the Expansion Pass or The Master Trials DLC Pack. This meant that the Phantom Armor could not be replaced if sold, which was noted in the Armor's description.[3] The Phantom Armor's description was changed in the Version 1.3.3 Update as the Armor could now be replaced.[4]


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