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Percy's House

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Percy's House
Percy's house inside.png
The interior of Percy's House
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Percy's House is a location in The Minish Cap.[1] As its name suggests, it is home to Percy the poet, located in the Western Wood.

At first, the way to Percy's House is blocked by a fallen tree; however, when Link fuses Kinstones with Percy, the tree will restore itself, opening the path.[2] Unfortunately, Percy finds out that while he was away on a long journey, his house is being occupied by a stranger, and the poet is too shy to talk to her.[3] Once Link walks inside, he will find a strange woman inside who tells him to not turn on the lights since the darkness warms her soul.[4] Turning on both torches with the Flame Lantern reveals the woman to be a Moblin, who tells Link to not tell anyone and gives him 50 Rupees.[5]

With the Moblin gone, Percy thanks Link for driving the stranger away.[6] If Link exits the poet's house and returns, Percy will reward him with 100 Mysterious Shells.


  • The Moblin inside Percy's house is a direct reference to the original The Legend of Zelda, in which Link could find Moblins hidden in secret caves with two flames at their side, often rewarding him with Rupees and uttering the famous phrase: "IT'S A SECRET TO EVERYBODY."



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