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Main appearance(s)
Twilight Princess
Temple of Time

Pendulum are recurring traps in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][name reference needed]


Twilight Princess

This unique trap can only be found in the Temple of Time on the first and eighth floor of the dungeon. It swings left to right in a continuous motion through a straight grove in the floor. It has a hole to shoot though with Arrows, which can be used to shoot down the active Beamos on the way to the boss room. The Pendulum's blade can be avoided by timing the moment of its swing in order to pass by it and avoid taking damage. They cannot be halted by statues that are controlled by the Dominion Rod, nor can they be destroyed by any means.

Tri Force Heroes

TFH Sealed Gateway Pendulums.png

In Tri Force Heroes, Pendulums are large, hanging weights that appear in the fourth Stage of Sealed Gateway, blocking the Links' path on a narrow platform. One Link must fire the Gust Jar at each Pendulum to start them swinging back and forth, giving the other Links a chance to run past them at the risk of being knocked into the pit below.

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