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Peak Province
Peak Province map
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The Peak Province is a province of the Hyrule overworld in Twilight Princess.[name reference needed] It is located on the northwestern part of the map and is one of the smallest provinces of the game.

Features and Overview

The Peak Province contains Snowpeak, a snowy and mountainous region that takes up most of the province. It is a frozen region that is home to a large number of ice-based enemies, including Wolfos and Ice Keese. Its only non-enemy inhabitants are two Yetis named Yeto and Yeta, who live in a mansion known as the Snowpeak Ruins. The entrance to the Peak Province can only be accessed through a small tunnel in the lower portion of Zora's Domain.

Link first enters the Peak Province after completing the Arbiter's Grounds in search of the first shard of the Mirror of Twilight. After following the Reekfish Scent all through Snowpeak, he meets Yeto at Snowpeak Top, where he reveals to the young hero that there is a Mirror Shard in his home of Snowpeak Ruins. Link follows Yeto downhill to the mansion by snowboarding down the mountain using a frozen leaf as the snowboard. There, Link clears the mansion of the evil brought by the Mirror Shard, allowing him to collect the necessary shard for the Mirror of Twilight.

While little else happens in the province, from then on, Link can race Yeto and Yeta at Snowpeak Top to win a Piece of Heart.

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