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Paya's Diary

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Paya's Diary
BotW Paya's Diary.png

Paya's Diary is an object in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses

Paya's Diary is a book of Paya's personal thoughts and worries. It is kept on a small table in her room at Impa's House, nestled in Kakariko Village. As Link goes through his quest, Paya will add more to the Diary, though it only has a single entry when Link first arrives. It can be read whenever Paya is not in the room. If she is present, she will ask Link not to look at it.

Link can access the Diary as early as his first conversation with Impa. When he finds it, he will note how Paya must have just started it.[2] The only entry in it at the time explains how Impa, Zelda, and Purah decided to take Link to rest in the Shrine of Resurrection so that he may defeat Ganon after his Slumber of Restoration.[3] Paya learned the swordsman's name through this tale.[4] The Diary tells how Impa has been waiting for Link's return and how Paya hopes he does so soon for both Hyrule and Impa's sakes.[5]


Paya's Diary, and the Journal of Various Worries, have the exact same hylian words written on their texture mapping as the general notebooks or Rumor Mill notebooks found throughout Breath Of The Wild. However, Paya's Diary and The Journal Of Various Worries are written in a Japanese fashion, and words are written in a top-to-bottom fashion with pages read right-to-left. The hylian text on all these books read the same thing "April First. Today was a shy hot and sunny day. I went to school. This diary is a very important document. April Second. Yesterday was Fool's day. Everything that I wrote was false. That is all. See you tomorrow"


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