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Parry Attack

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Parry Attack
Link about to perform a Parry Attack
Game(s)The Wind Waker
Use(s)Counterstriking enemies

Parry Attacks are a Sword technique in The Wind Waker.


Parry Attacks can be performed by targeting an enemy and then hitting the A Button when its icon flashes as the enemy is about to perform an attack.[1] This will make Link perform an automatic counterstrike while evading the enemy's attack. They cannot be performed while raising the Shield.

Parry Attacks depend on the enemy and the attack they are attempting to use. When evading a vertical strike, Link rolls sideways to reach the enemy's back, he then jumps and slashes with his Sword. When evading a horizontal strike, Link leaps over the enemy while slashing its head. These techniques are particularly effective against Darknuts, as they can remove their protective armor and expose them to other attacks. When fighting against Magtails and Floor Masters, Link can leap into the air while stabbing his Sword downward at their weak point. Link can perform one final Parry Attack during the battle against Ganondorf, in which he slices Ganondorf from behind and then deals a final strike to his forehead.


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  1. "Next is harder! This is a parry attack. Target with ZL Button until you see A Button, and then quickly press A Button to perform a defensive strike!" — Orca (The Wind Waker HD)