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Parapa Palace

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Parapa Palace
TAoL Parapa Palace Entrance 2.png
Parapa Palace entrance
Location(s) Parapa Desert
Game(s) The Adventure of Link
Other media Captain N: The Game Master
Main Item CandleTriforce piece.png
Golden KeyTriforce piece.png
Boss(es) Mazura
Quest Reward(s)Placement of one of the Crystals
Theme Music

Parapa Palace is the first dungeon in The Adventure of Link. This white-bricked dungeon is known for its signature item, the Candle, and its mighty protector, Mazura.

Entrance to the Palace

This dungeon is located in northern Hyrule, on the coast of the sprawling Parapa Desert, from which the Palace takes its name.

Themes and Navigation

In comparison to other palaces in The Adventure of Link, Parapa Palace ranks among the smallest, and perhaps the most straightforward. The palace entrance is at ground level, leaving Link to scour the temple's three sub-surface floors for Keys and experience. Wosu, Stalfos, and Bubble enemies are most common, however, few orange Iron Knuckle pose a threat on lower floors. A lone Fairy is positioned on the easternmost room on the first floor; the rest of the temple is devoid of health supplements. Being the first dungeon of the game, it introduces "lifts", or makeshift elevators that transport Link from one floor to the next, a dungeon facet included in every palace of the game. This dungeon does not require the use of any Spells, although Shield is recommended, especially in fighting Mazura.

The Candle is located in the western potion of the palace, while the palace's guardian, Mazura, awaits in the easternmost section of the lowest floor.

Enemies and Traps

Non-canon Appearances

The outside of the Parapa Palace in Captain N: the Game Master

Captain N: The Game Master

The Parapa Palace makes an appearance in the "Quest for the Potion of Power" episode of Captain N: The Game Master. Link, Princess Zelda, and Kevin visit the palace to obtain the Golden Key, which will eventually lead them to find the Potion of Power in the Island Palace. Inside the Parapa Palace, the heroes fight various monsters such as Wosu, Stalfos, and Guma. Eventually, they reach an elevator that takes them to the chamber where the Golden Key is located. Link shatters the glass that was covering the key and a map leading to the Island Palace, causing the room to shake and reveal that Horsehead is the guardian of the golden item.[1] Link and Kevin are successful in defeating Horsehead, and the heroes exit the palace to continue on their search for the Potion of Power.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese パラパノシンデン (Parapa no Shinden) Parapa Sanctuary
French Republic FrenchEU Palais Parapa
Federal Republic of Germany German Palast von Parapa



  1. "Who dares to steal my Golden Key?" — Horsehead (Captain N: The Game Master, Episode 16 )
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