Paralyzing Fog

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Paralyzing Fog
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Paralyzing Fog is a trap in The Wind Waker.[1]


Paralyzing Fog can be found in certain areas of the Earth Temple. If Link comes into contact with it, he will become Cursed, meaning that none of his items work, including his Sword. While affected, Link is surrounded by a concentrated smog, his body flashes purple, and he acts disoriented or weakened. The curse will not be lifted unless he gets out of the Paralyzing Fog or finds a Light Beam to take refuge under.

To get through the areas of Paralyzing Fog safely, Link can use the Deku Leaf to blow the Fog away from a small area at a time, and if he shines light at it with his Mirror Shield, the part of the Paralyzing Fog exposed to the light will dissipate. Medli can also use the face of her Harp in the same fashion. The pair will often have to work together to travel through, or over, the Paralyzing Fog unhindered.


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