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Page 1

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Page 1
RTBToL Page 1 Map.png
A map of Page 1
Main Appearance(s)

Page 1 is where Tingle first wakes up in Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love, after reading the book that he ordered from a commercial. Tingle's Mother and Father live here in a small house on a farm. There are three areas, the attic (Tingle's room), the garden and the backyard, which together are surrounded by fence. The backyard and Tingle's room have one screen, while the garden extends over two screens.

Attic 「やねうらべや」 (屋根裏部屋)

Tingle asleep after arriving in Page 1

This is Tingle's room and where he first appears in the story book. There are various items to obtain here, and objects to interact with. The save pig appears here.

Garden 「にわ」 (庭)

Tingle's Mother is found here by the house entrance. Access to the left section of the garden is initially prevented by her. The left section of the garden is home to the chicken.

Backyard 「うらにわ」(裏庭)

Tingle's Father is here as well as the contraption he is working on.