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Overworld Magnet

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Overworld Magnet
Overworld Magnet (That Sinking Feeling).png
The Overworld Magnet
Other appearance(s)
Can bring things down to the Underworld or push them back up to the overworld

The Overworld Magnet is an item featured in the "That Sinking Feeling" episode of The Legend of Zelda TV series. Found by a Goriya in the furthest cave of the Underworld, the magnet has the power to bring whatever is on the surface down into the underworld, including castles.[1] According to Ganon, the Overworld Magnet is one of the greatest spells of the ancient wizards.[2]

In the episode, Ganon orders a Goriya to use the magnet to bring Link and Princess Zelda into the underworld,[2] but when that fails, he decides to sink North Castle down so that he may obtain the Triforce of Wisdom within it.[3] However, since Zelda had already taken the Triforce with her, his plan ends up failing. Eventually Link and Zelda arrive in Ganon's lair, and when Link uses a Magic Bracelet to throw Ganon far away, he lands on the Overworld Magnet and knocks it over, causing it to push the castle back up to the surface.[4] The magnet ends up overloading and eventually explodes in Ganon's face.[5]


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