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Outskirt Stable

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Outskirt Stable
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The Outskirt Stable is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

The Outskirt Stable is a Stable in Hyrule Field that is operated by Embry. Several Tree stumps can be found outside of the Stable. While inside, Link can find a poster depicting a Recipe for the Honey Crepe, as well as the book Super Rumor Mill V3 on a table. Glendo, a Hylian traveler, can occasionally be seen passing by the Stable. The watchman and traveling salesman, Botrick, will also stop by the Stable. Beedle also visits the Outskirt Stable.

There are three Quests that Link can obtain at the Outskirt Stable. Toffa, an elderly man who is captivated by rumors of a White Horse nearby, will give Link the Side Quest, "The Royal White Stallion". Aliza, a Hylian woman obsessed with finding the Hero of Hyrule who can be found underneath a large Tree east of the Stable, offers Link the "My Hero" Side Quest.[2] Trott, a young Hylian man discontent with the Stable Association's vegetarian diet, tasks Link with the Side Quest "A Rare Find" in the hopes of eating Raw Gourmet Meat.

Myti sits outside of the Stable near its Cooking Pot, explaining that the Stable doesn't serve food and offering its use to travelers.[3][4] Canni, a young Hylian woman, can be found in the Stable tending to Horses.[5] When spoken to, she will offer to change the Horse Gear and Mane for Link's Horse. A young boy named Haite runs around the Stable during the day.[6] When it Rains, he sits at one of the Stable doors and waits for the Rain to stop.[7]

A Yiga Footsoldier may pass by the Outskirt Stable disguised as a Traveler.

If Link befriends the Hylian Retriever and feeds it three times, the Retriever will lead Link to a metallic Treasure Chest containing a Silver Rupee buried next to one of the Tree stumps.





TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 平原外れの馬宿 (Hirahira Hazure no Umayado) Field Outskirt Stable
Russian Federation Russian Конюшня «Окольная» (Konyushnya «Okol'naya»)

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