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Orca (Spirit Tracks)

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Race Hylian
Gender Female[1]
Era Era of Hyrule's Rebirth
Family Dovok (husband)
Wadatsumi (ex-husband)

Orca is a character in Spirit Tracks who lives in Papuchia Village. [2]


During the game, Link can present lumberjacks from Whittleton to Orca until she becomes Dovok's wife.

When Link meets her, she will mention to him that she is looking for a man to become her future husband; however, she will not accept just anyone, for the man has to meet three qualities: he must have a beard, a large nose, and a burly, rugged appearance. Once the young hero brings her Dovok, she will immediately grow fond of him and the two promptly get married. She will then reward Link with a Force Gem that restores more Spirit Tracks in the Forest Realm.

When her ex-husband is rescued from the Pirate Hideout, he will return to Papuchia Village to see his wife only to find out that she has left him for Dovok. If Link rescues him before bringing the chief there, the woman merely breaks things off with him, telling him that she only wants to be friends.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オルカ (Oruka) Japanese transliteration of the word "orca"


  1. "The village chief went on a date with the Papuchia woman? And they're very happy? Oh... Why didn't she pick me? What did I do wrong? ...It's not my looks, is it? Do I look that bad? Oh, this is terrible..." — N/A (Spirit Tracks)
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