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Oracle of Seasons Trading Sequence

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The Oracle of Seasons Trading Sequence is a side-quest in which Link receives the Noble Sword upon completion. Unlike many of the trading sequences in other games, this Trading Sequence does not require completion for the final reward.



To acquire the first item in the sequence, Link must go to Horon Village. When he lights the torch in Dr. Left's house, Dr. Left will give him the Cuccodex.

Quote1.png You got a Cuccodex! It's the result of many years of Cucco research! Quote2.png
— N/A

Lon Lon Egg


To obtain the Lon Lon Egg, Link must speak with Malon, who can be found north of Horon Village. She will be happy to trade her Lon Lon Egg for the Cuccodex.

Quote1.png The Cuccodex turned into a Lon Lon Egg! It's a beauty aid?!? Quote2.png
— N/A

Ghastly Doll

Maple Locations OoS.png

To obtain the Ghastly Doll, Link must run into Maple, who can be found by defeating thirty enemies (or fifteen with Maple's Ring), then going to one of the Maple locations as shown on right. If Link runs into Maple with the Lon Lon Egg in his possession, she will trade him the Ghastly Doll for it.

Quote1.png You traded a Lon Long Egg for a Ghastly Doll! Looking at it gives you chills! Quote2.png
— N/A

Iron Pot


The Iron Pot is obtained by talking to Mrs. Ruul, who can be found at her villa in Holodrum Plain. Link must help "cool" her down by giving her the Ghastly Doll. She will then give Link the Iron Pot in return.

Quote1.png The Ghastly Doll is now an Iron Pot. It looks...well-seasoned. Quote2.png
— N/A

Lava Soup


The Subrosian Chef in Subrosia will have need of the Iron Pot. In return for the Iron Pot, Link will receive a nice bowl of Lava Soup.

Quote1.png Your Lava Soup is ready! It's molten hot! Quote2.png
— N/A

Goron Vase


If Link speaks to Biggoron on top of Goron Mountain, he will learn that Biggoron has a bad cold. Giving Biggoron the Lava Soup will cure his cold, at which point he will give Link the Goron Vase.

Quote1.png You got the Goron Vase as thanks for the Lava Soup! It's a very nice vase... Quote2.png
— N/A



In the Sunken City there is a vase collector named Ingo who covets the Goron Vase. When Link gives it to him, he will thank him for completing his collection by giving Link some Fish.

Quote1.png You got a Fish as thanks for the Goron Vase! It's market fresh! Quote2.png
— N/A



To obtain the Megaphone, Link must help the Old Man near Eyeglass Lake. His cat is stuck in a tree and Link must use the Fish to lure it down. He will then give Link his Megaphone as a sign of his gratitude.

Quote1.png Your Fish is now a Megaphone! Give a shout! Quote2.png
— N/A



If Link proceeds to Mt. Cucco and wakes up the sleeping Talon using the Megaphone (reminiscent of Ocarina of Time), he will take the Megaphone and give Link a Mushroom in exchange.

Quote1.png Your Megaphone is now a Mushroom! It smells weird. Quote2.png
— N/A

Wooden Bird


To obtain the Wooden Bird, Link must return to the Sunken City and visit Syrup in the Witch's Hut (only accessible in winter). When Link gives her the Mushroom, she will give Link the Wooden Bird.

Quote1.png You traded the Mushroom for a Wooden Bird! It looks real! Quote2.png
— N/A

Engine Grease


If Link speaks to Tick Tock in Horon Village's clock shop, he will ask for the Wooden Bird. Link will receive the Engine Grease in return.

Quote1.png You got Engine Grease for your Wooden Bird. Quote2.png
— N/A



The Phonograph is the final item in the Trading Sequence before the reward. To obtain it, Link must give the Engine Grease to Guru-Guru, who can be found next to the Windmill near Horon Village. Guru-Guru will then give Link the Phonograph.

Quote1.png You traded your Engine Grease for a Phonograph! What a tune! Quote2.png
— N/A

Noble Sword

Noble Sword.png

If Link plays the Phonograph for the Business Scrub in the south-eastern corner of the Lost Woods, he will give Link instructions on how to navigate the Lost Woods. If Link follows the instructions correctly, he will find a pedestal holding the Noble Sword. Link can pull the Noble Sword from the pedestal, thus ending the Trading Sequence. It is also possible to obtain the Noble Sword without doing the Trading Sequence, since the navigation pattern to get through the Lost Woods never changes. The Noble Sword can also be obtained through a secret password in a Linked Game. In this case, the Master Sword, the most powerful one-handed weapon in the game, will be on the pedestal instead of the Noble Sword.

Quote1.png You got the sacred Noble Sword! Quote2.png
— N/A