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Trading Quest

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Trading Quests,[1] also known as Trading Sequences,[2] are recurring sidequests in The Legend of Zelda series.


By trading a long list of items, the player will eventually be rewarded with a useful item such as a better sword, new tools or even numerous Pieces of Heart. However, due to their status as sidequests, they are not necessary to complete the game, except in the case of Link's Awakening, where several items, including the final reward, are mandatory.

As Link tries to help a character, he may receive an item that becomes useful for someone else; when Link gives the newer item to the right character, he receives in turn another item that is destined to yet another character; a trade sequence takes form when this process is repeated continuously, thus resulting into a long string of exchanges that ultimately lead to a powerful item. For natural reasons, the traded items generally have one-time uses, and therefore one-time appearances.

Link's Awakening

In Link's Awakening, the Trading Quest begins by obtaining the Yoshi Doll from the Trendy Game in Mabe Village. It eventually ends with Link obtaining the Magnifying Lens that allows him to read the Book Dark Secrets And Mysteries Of Koholint inside the Library which tells him the directions to navigate the Egg Maze.

Item Character Location Requirement(s)
LANS Yoshi Doll Icon.png
Yoshi Doll
Trendy Gamester Trendy Game Having 10 Rupees.
LANS Ribbon Icon.png
Mamasha Quadruplets House
LANS Dog Food Icon.png
Dog Food
CiaoCiao Madam MeowMeow's House
LANS Bananas Icon.png
Sale Sale's House o' Bananas
LANS Stick Icon.png
Kiki Kanalet Castle
LANS Honeycomb Icon.png
Tarin Ukuku Prairie Completing the Key Cavern.
LANS Pineapple Icon.png
Chef Bear Animal Village
LANS Hibiscus Icon.png
Papahl Tal Tal Heights
LANS Goat's Letter Icon.png
Goat's Letter
Christine Animal Village
LANS Broom Icon.png
Mr. Write Goponga Swamp
LANS Fishing Hook Icon.png
Fishing Hook
Grandma Yahoo Animal Village
LANS Necklace Icon.png
Fisherman Martha's Bay
LANS Scale Icon.png
Mermaid Martha's Bay
LANS Magnifying Lens Icon.png
Magnifying Lens
Martha's Bay
(Mermaid Statue)

Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, the Trading Quest can only be completed by adult Link. For doing so, he receives the Biggoron's Sword, a powerful two-handed blade.

Item Character Location Requirement(s)
OoT3D Pocket Egg Icon.png
Pocket Egg
Cucco Lady Kakariko Village
OoT3D Pocket Cucco Icon.png
Pocket Cucco
Waiting a day after obtaining the Pocket Egg.
OoT3D Cojiro Icon.png
Cucco Lady Kakariko Village Waking up Talon with the Pocket Cucco.
OoT3D Odd Mushroom Icon.png
Odd Mushroom
Master Craftsman's Son Lost Woods
OoT3D Odd Poultice Icon.png
Odd Poultice
Granny Granny's Potion Shop Bringing the Odd Mushroom within three minutes of obtention.
OoT3D Poacher's Saw Icon.png
Poacher's Saw
Fado Lost Woods
OoT3D Broken Goron's Sword Icon.png
Broken Goron's Sword
Master Craftsman Gerudo Valley Having Epona or the Longshot.
OoT3D Prescription Icon.png
Biggoron Death Mountain
OoT3D Eyeball Frog Icon.png
Eyeball Frog
King Zora Zora's Domain
OoT3D World's Finest Eyedrops Icon.png
World's Finest Eye Drops
Lake Scientist Lakeside Laboratory Bringing the Eyeball Frog within three minutes of obtention.
OoT3D Claim Check Icon.png
Claim Check
Biggoron Death Mountain Bringing the World's Finest Eye Drops within four minutes of obtention.
OoT3D Biggoron's Sword Icon.png
Biggoron's Sword
Biggoron Death Mountain Waiting three days after obtaining the Claim Check.

Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, there are Business Scrubs desiring to move to new places, yet they're unable to do so because they need documents of property from their destinations. In exchange, they accept to sell their own Deku Flowers before moving to other places, every time enabling Link to reach a Piece of Heart.

Item Character Location Requirement(s)
MM3D Moon's Tear Icon.png
Moon's Tear
Astral Observatory Taking a look at the Skull Kid atop the Clock Tower.
MM3D Town Title Deed Icon.png
Town Title Deed
Business Scrub Clock Town
MM3D Swamp Title Deed Icon.png
Swamp Title Deed
Business Scrub Southern Swamp
MM3D Mountain Title Deed Icon.png
Mountain Title Deed
Business Scrub Goron Village Being Deku Link.
MM3D Ocean Title Deed Icon.png
Ocean Title Deed
Business Scrub Zora Hall Being Goron Link.
OoT3D Piece of Heart Icon.png
Piece of Heart
Business Scrub Ikana Canyon Being Zora Link.

Oracle of Seasons

In Oracle of Seasons, completing the Trading Quest rewards Link with the Noble Sword.

Item Character Location Requirement(s)
OoS Cuccodex Sprite.png
Dr. Left Horon Village Lighting the Torch inside Dr. Left's house.
OoS Lon Lon Egg Sprite.png
Lon Lon Egg
Malon Horon Village
OoS Ghastly Doll Sprite.png
Ghastly Doll
OoS Iron Pot Sprite.png
Iron Pot
Inga Holodrum Plain
OoS Lava Soup Sprite.png
Lava Soup
Subrosian Chef Subrosia
OoS Goron Vase Sprite.png
Goron Vase
Biggoron Death Mountain
OoS Fish Sprite.png
Ingo Sunken City
OoS Megaphone Sprite.png
Old Man Eyeglass Pond
OoS Mushroom Sprite.png
Talon Mt. Cucco
OoS Wooden Bird Sprite.png
Wooden Bird
Syrup Witch's Hut
OoS Engine Grease Sprite.png
Engine Grease
Tick Tock Horon Village
OoS Phonograph Sprite.png
Guru-Guru Horon Village
OoS Noble Sword Sprite.png
Noble Sword
Business Scrub Lost Woods Navigating the Lost Woods following the instructions of the Business Scrub.

Oracle of Ages

In Oracle of Ages, completing the Trading Quest rewards Link with the Noble Sword.

Item Character Location Requirement(s)
OoA Poe Clock Sprite.png
Poe Clock
Allan Yoll Graveyard
OoA Stationery Sprite.png
Postman Post Office
OoA Stink Bag Sprite.png
Stink Bag
Hand Lynna Village
OoA Tasty Meat Sprite.png
Tasty Meat
Tokay Crescent Island
OoA Doggie Mask Sprite.png
Doggie Mask
Happy Mask Salesman Mask Shop
OoA Dumbbell Sprite.png
Mamamu Yan Lynna City
OoA Cheesy Mustache Sprite.png
Cheesy Mustache
Thomas Symmetry Village
OoA Funny Joke Sprite.png
Funny Joke
Lynna City Comedian Lynna City
OoA Touching Book Sprite.png
Touching Book
Dekadin Lynna Village
OoA Magic Oar Sprite.png
Magic Oar
OoA Sea Ukulele Sprite.png
Sea Ukulele
Rafton South Shore
OoA Broken Sword Sprite.png
Broken Sword
Old Zora Coast of No Return
OoS Noble Sword Sprite.png
Noble Sword
Patch Restoration Wall

Phantom Hourglass

In Phantom Hourglass, completing the Trading Quest rewards Link with the Swordsman's Scroll allowing him to learn the Great Spin Attack.

Item Character Location Requirement(s)
Hero's New Clothes
Man of Smiles Traveler's Ship Defeating all the enemies on the Traveler's Ship.
Nyeve Prince of Red Lions
Guard Notebook
Hoiger Howgendoogen Traveler's Ship
Wood Heart
Nyave Traveler's Ship
Swordsman's Scroll
Old Wayfarer Bannan Island Bringing Joanne to the Old Wayfarer's house.


  • The Trading Quests were inspired by the Japanese Buddhist tale, "Straw Millionaire".[3] "Straw Millionaire" is a tale about a poor man who becomes rich through trading various items.


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