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Oracle House

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Oracle Houses
Oracle House.png
The first Oracle House

The Oracle Houses are locations in The Minish Cap.

Features and Overview

After completing the Fortress of Winds, Link can fuse a Red Kinstone with Farore, one of the three Oracles at Happy Hearth Inn who is looking for a house to move into.[1] Afterwards, Gorman will be renting a home in Hyrule Town, at which point Link can talk to one of the three Oracles so that she may move in to the new house.[2] By speaking to the Oracle in the house, Link will be able to obtain one of the Charms.

To obtain the next house, Link must then fuse a Red Kinstone with Bremor, the carpenter by the Post Office. Mutoh then becomes motivated to build a second house for Gorman.[3] The young hero can talk to one of the two remaining Oracles to obtain a second Charm once the house is completed.

Third House

A third house never becomes available for the remaining Oracle. Thus, its charm cannot be obtained. In the European version of the game, Gorman considers building a third house south of the Royal Hyrule Library,[4] but he never does. This comment was replaced in the American version, released two months later.[5]

Some fans believe the missing third Oracle House is a deliberate reference to the unreleased third title of the Oracle series.[6] However, it may have simply been a development oversight.



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